Selecting Real-World Methods For Upper North Shore Wedding Cinematographer

Selecting Real-World Methods For Upper North Shore Wedding Cinematographer

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How Long Should A Wedding Video Be?

The other day I was talking to a bride and she asked me�how long will the finished wedding video be?� So knowing the duration of my own wedding videos I decided to do some research and see how it compared to the average wedding video duration when taking into account the different types of wedding videos.

How long should a wedding video be? Documentary wedding videos are usually between 45-120 mins and Cinematic wedding videos are 5-25 mins long. However, the length of the video depends on the type of wedding and the filmmaker employed.

Wedding video packages can vary a lot between videographer�s and what they deliver is dependent on various factors. Here is some more information to ponder before you book your wedding videographer.

Wedding Cinematography Upper North Shore

What Type Wedding Videographer?

There are generally two different approaches to wedding videography, Documentary and Cinematic.

Documentary wedding videographers are the more traditional and capture lots of footage including the full ceremony and the full speeches. They then deliver a video that�s generally 45 to 120 minutes long. Sections, such as bridal preparations and arrival at the reception are usually edited to music and guest messages are often included. One major factor effecting the duration of the video is the type of wedding, whether it�s catholic, protestant, civil, orthodox etc.

The ceremony will be recorded in full, however the documentary videographer will edit it to eliminate camera moves and also often to take out the non-essential sections that do not directly involve the wedding party or extended family and friends. The videographer will also do this to reduce the length of the overall movie so it is not 3 or 4 hours long.

The documentary videographer may also offer a �Highlights� for your DVD which is generally between 3 to 7 minutes long. This is usually edited to one song with the best parts of the day, including funny or emotional parts of the ceremony and speeches.

Highlights/Trailer sections are great if your videographer can upload these to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Then you can share your special day with all your friends and family who wouldn�t be able or want to sit through a 2 hour edit.

Cinematic wedding videographers or filmmakers produce a more condensed video that is highly edited and stylized. They may actually work longer on the wedding day than the documentary videographer but they produce a video that can range from 5 to 25 minutes in length.

Cinematic videographers will usually have camera gimbals and sliders to create very cinematic imagery. They color correct and grade the footage placing filters or L.U.T�s on it to create a certain look.

Cinematic videographers will direct the couple to achieve the shot they require for their vision. This may require the couple to repeat certain actions a few times until they get the shot.

Nearly all videographers now employ the use of a drone to film scenes such as the establishing shots of the Brides house, the ceremony location and the reception area location.

Raw Footage: What is it?

Generally Raw Footage means �unedited footage�. This can be quite useless to a couple because it will include all the camera movements and sounds that are native to making a film. When a documentary videographer edits the full ceremony, for example, he takes all these unwanted aspects out and �edits� it in a more appealing way.

For example, the videographer will probably have at least two cameras. One may be �locked off� on a tripod facing the crowd or the altar etc and it will not move for the entire ceremony which could be an hour long. However, this camera may not have any sound because the videographer is using separate sound recorders which have to be synced in editing. The second camera, the one in the videographers hands will have lots of undesirable footage as he moves from one shot to another whether by re-framing (zooming) or by physically moving.

So when you ask a videographer for raw footage what you really want is the �long form� of the footage completely edited. He will edit using both camera positions to create the best film and sync the sound accordingly. Therefore you can view the full Ceremony, the full Speeches and full First Dance if you really want to.

Wedding Video Packages

This is often a confusing topic. Nearly every videographer has what seems like a million variations of packages at a million different prices. So it�s best to ask yourself what do you want?

  • Do you want a Cinematic or Documentary Video, or a hybrid of both?.

  • Do you want the full ceremony and full speeches edited and loaded onto a DVD?

  • Do you want to be directed (cinematic) or filmed from a distance (Documentary)?

  • Do you want a DVD, a digital file or for it to be streamed from the internet?

  • Do you want a �Highlights� section?

  • Do you want a copy of the church/ceremony music?

  • Do you want guest messages to camera?

  • What is your budget?

  • If you have a small budget do you want a friend to get the most important shots on his smart phone?

I have been a documentary style wedding videographer for about 14 years. However, I did employ some Cinematic aspects such as music videos in certain parts of the DVD. I included the following, mostly;

  • Bridal preparations edited to a song of the couples choice.

  • The Processional (Bride walking up the aisle)

  • Full (edited) Ceremony (Shot with one or two cameras)

  • Newlyweds walking or dancing down the aisle.

  • Guests congratulating the Newlyweds after the ceremony.

  • Newlyweds leaving the ceremony in their wedding car (edited to music)

  • Photo Shoot edited to one song picked by couple, song choice sometimes chosen with my guidance.

  • Couple arriving at reception, mingling with guests and then the main entrance into the ballroom (edited to one song)

  • Full speeches

  • Cutting of the cake.

  • Guest messages where the guest wish the couple the best of luck etc. (Can be repetitive)

  • First Dance and then 4-5 more songs worth of dancing.

  • If I was doing a �Highlight� Section I would stay on for another 15-20 minutes to get slow-mo party/dancing shots. Highlights was an optional extra in my packages and took the form of a music video. I often spent days editing these.

  • Any other event the couple wanted me to stay for such as fireworks, hypnotists, professional dancers etc.

N.B. I never handed over Raw Footage because it would look amateur and sometimes the camera can pick up people saying stuff that shouldn�t be heard.

Before you choose a videographer ask yourself what it is you want. Then go from there. Make sure you are clear what you are getting and what you are not getting before you sign any contracts.

So your wedding videos length will depend greatly on the topics discussed above. It could be 5 minutes or it could be 2 hours and 5 minutes. It�s really up to you!

Related Questions

How long does it take to receive your wedding video? A wedding video can take between 1 week and 3 months to be delivered. Factors affecting delivery time are, one, how busy your videographer is, like if it�s the wedding season, and two, the video package you have chosen.

How long should a wedding highlight video be? Usually a wedding highlights video is between 3 to 5 minutes as it is generally edited to one song. Cinematic wedding videos can last between 5 and 25 minutes but a highlight videos can also be part of a documentary wedding video.

How long does it take to edit a wedding video? A wedding video can take between 1 and 5 days to edit. Some videographers have a template that they use to reduce editing times while other videographers create bespoke videos which can take much longer.

Just about every person has their private ideas involving Upper North Shore Wedding Cinematographer.

The wedding event cinematographer is the one that records the charm and also atmosphere of a wedding celebration in an outstanding way. The wedding event cinematographer is in charge of the scenes that illustrate the intimacy and delight of a marriage ceremony. Wedding event cinematography is a complex job and requires some knowledge and also ability to be effective. It calls for the most effective feasible tools to be positioned at the place and individuals to be employed.

The kind of wedding event cinematography that is done can be various according to the kind of venue and the kind of wedding event locations. One can find great deals of different cinematographers depending on the kind of wedding celebration areas selected.

Church - There are several types of cinematography done at a church. In most cases, a cinematographer will certainly make use of a wide angle lens to capture all the details of the congregation, while the wedding celebration march is played by the organist. Some cinematographers take a totally various strategy and also pick to film the whole ceremony from behind the Bride-to-be. This is a reliable method to obtain a close-up shot of the Bride-to-be as well as likewise allows the audience to concentrate on the background, which is occasionally an element.

Outside Locations - A cinema will certainly be worked with to fire the exterior places such as the entryway, marquee, etc. These may be the church interior or the church balcony, but they are generally one of the most hard to cover. The secret to capturing the best shots is to get the new bride in the shot as soon as she strolls right into the church.

Reception Hall - A cinematographer is used to show the charm of the wedding dresses and hairdo. Often the Cinematographer will use the lights to highlight these attractive information.

Seats - This can be taken into consideration the most difficult location to fire since it requires time to get great shots of the chairs, tables, and so on. The film crew will likewise utilize props to aid the audience concentrate on the bride.

Wedding celebrations contain surprises, and the video camera will follow the Bride, as she strolls down the aisle, right up until completion of the wedding event. This needs a person who has a knack for taking pictures. Some cinematographers are excellent with beautiful shots, and also other Cinematographers like to focus on photographing the special day.

Some cinematographers concentrate on the wedding celebration cinematography, while others are hired to do the occasion. For example, some cinematographers will focus on shooting shots of the wedding or the function, while others will certainly focus on the actual wedding. The wedding celebration cinematographer more info here will certainly have numerous intriguing options to make when they start their shoot, such as the choice of the location, the lighting, the light and noise to make use of, and what must be revealed.

As soon as the cinematographer has found an ideal location, they will start their shots from the place that the New bride walks in, which will certainly be the Function Hall. Many cinematographers will shoot this scene from numerous angles, but some select to utilize only one.

At this point, they will certainly commonly include some unique results, such as white histories, moving lights, etc. to the scene, to even more boost the ambiance. The Bride will certainly then get in the Church, as well as the Cinematographer will certainly begin setting up the real event.

Once the bride-to-be has left the Church, they will certainly start the following component of the wedding ceremony, where the priest will certainly request God's blessings on the couple. From here, they you could try these out will begin the songs, hand out the rings, and also ask the guests to leave the function.

The Wedding celebration Cinematographer will certainly then select the very best see post method to reveal the future mother-to-be decreasing the aisle, with a special scene showing her walking down the aisle. Many cinematographers also select to utilize white backgrounds, to develop an enchanting ambience.

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